Marshmallows. How can you not love them??

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Such a pretty room <3


Untitled on We Heart It.

This bedroom plus a bookcase full of movies and anime would be the best bedroom ever ouo
thebigbadfox: You're very welcome miss! I hope you get to do something fun and get some good presents :)

Well my birthday was technically last week XD and i didn’t get any presents so i’m buying them myself right now haha


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sinonai: *tumblr huggles* :3 you’ve been tumblr hugged because you are an amazing and beautiful person!! Send this to 20 of your favorite followers!!♥♥♥

Aww! Omg this is so sweet! Thank you!! ♥
I shall go pass on the hugs n.n


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Love this style ♥ 


More creepy stuff.Watch my makeup tutorial here!

perfection! <3
Poor quality pics from my phone and no eye makeup, but I LOVE MY SWEATER!
Hey guys <3

I just want to say that i’m sorry for how inactive i’ve been. August is a busy month to begin with since it’s my birthday month, but i have been under a lot of stress lately and i just want to apologize. I am going to be logged on more often now and i plan on keeping my ask box open!

I hope you guys are having a wonderful day/night and i wish you luck with whatever you’re wanting/working on!

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